Inspired by the Mediterranean way of life, Ricardas Toronto pairs the best ingredients they can find with creative culinary talents, sophisticated surroundings, and a team that takes the concept of European Hospitality to heart. Find them at the corner of Richmond & Peter in Downtown Toronto connected to the QRC West Atrium.

Case Study



Toronto, Canada

Brand Management

Ricardas Toronto is looking for a creative partner to handle all their marketing and everyday needs that require graphic design services. From the simple menu to a special event they are hosting and press release on how the brand will speak for their audience in Toronto.


Bankey Digital Solutions’ objective for Ricardas Toronto is to ensure all their marketing materials and regular menu are up to date. We have to update for campaign materials or unique dishes they will need to feature for the afternoon.


As a result, Bankey Digital Solutions handle all the projects for Ricardas Toronto for internal projects to special events for the city like Summerlicious, Winterlicious, TIFF Film Festival and other press releases.
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